The Patriot Post® · Obama Smears Cops With Race Bait

On Monday, Barack Obama spoke to a group of the usual suspects about how the Ferguson case is an example of the many communities across the country where young people of “color” feel cheated. In a nation governed by the basic principle of equality under the law, Obama complained too many feel they aren’t treated fairly. The president argued that when any part of the American community feels this way, it’s a problem for us all.

Obama said his conversations with young people moved him because they feel no one believes the reality of their miserable lives. Surprisingly, he also spoke fairly about police and the difficulties and dangers of the job: “[I]f they’re in dangerous circumstances, we have to be able to put ourselves in their shoes and recognize that they do have a tough job.”

So he’s got a plan. His first initiative is the creation of the 21st Century Policing Task Force (TCPTF), which will involve local law enforcement, community activists and other “stakeholders” to provide input. The TCPTF will report back to Obama within 90 days with concrete recommendations. Obama guarantees that, unlike most task forces, this one would not be a waste of time.

In other words, Obama now has an emotive deterrent to distract attention from all his failed policies, as reflected by voter sentiments in the historic Democratic Party losses in the 2014 midterm election. And he is going to use cops as fodder for this charade by broadly claiming the disparity in arrests of blacks is a “racist cop” problem rather than a black culture problem, which is the direct result of Democrat social engineering policies beginning in the 1960s.

Next he wants to ensure that “we’re not building a militarized culture inside our local law enforcement.” The heavy hardware Ferguson police used during the rioting did indeed cause concern across the political spectrum. Yet Obama plans no pause or reduction in the program of giving local and state police unnecessary military supplies and hardware. He just wants $75 million to subsidize 50,000 body cameras.

Third, the TCPTF will focus on – wait for it – racial profiling. Obama’s coming executive order will require federal agencies to stop racial profiling. Fortunately, our federal system saves us from his foisting it on the states. Racial profiling can cause problems, but it doesn’t appear that was the case with Officer Darren Wilson and Michael Brown.

Noteworthy, of course, is that white cops kill an average of 96 blacks every year – prompting a major White House initiative to address it. Yet blacks killed 6,000 other blacks last year, as well as 409 whites with nary a peep from the president. How’s that for racial profiling?

Meanwhile, Obama thanked his outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder for doing “excellent work” in Ferguson. And Holder kicked off a series of “honest conversations” with a speech at Atlanta’s Ebenezer Baptist Church – the one pastored by Martin Luther King Jr. Another conversation about race. Whoopee.

Where Obama soft-pedaled, Holder let loose. “What we saw [in Ferguson] was a genuine expression of concern and involvement,” Holder said. “And it is through that level of involvement … and I hope a level of perseverance … that change ultimately will come.” He continued, “[Ferguson] presents this nation with … a unique opportunity, and I think it’s incumbent on all of us to seize this opportunity to deal with issues that for too long have been ignored.”

To that end, Holder will pursue two civil rights investigations, one aimed at Officer Darren Wilson and one at the Ferguson Police Department. So the Left’s racist merry-go-round that began in the 1960s just keeps spinning.

Holder called the protests in Ferguson “a genuine expression of concern and involvement,” meaning it was a righteous display. The rest of America saw a bunch of savages rioting, looting, setting fires and destroying businesses.

Indeed, non-aggrieved people are fed up. In the 1970s movie “Network,” the lead character advised people should yell, “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not gonna take it anymore!” On talk radio, on the Internet, in the social media, in the supermarket, people are figuratively yelling just that.

And non-minorities aren’t the only ones fed up. Black Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke blasted Holder for his interference in Ferguson. Clarke said he “listened to Eric Holder throw law enforcement officers under the bus for political expediency,” and he compared Al Sharpton and his ilk to “vultures [feeding] on a roadside carcass.”

Granted, Michael Brown didn’t grow up in a good family – he was raised mostly by his grandmother. And it’s terribly sad that every year black babies are born into Brown’s kind of life (if they’re born at all). But the finger of blame rests on the heads of those like Obama, Holder and all the others who continue enflaming race for personal gain. Enough already!