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Candy Crowley Calls It Quits at CNN

Dec. 5, 2014
Candy Crowley defends Barack Obama during a presidential debate, 2012.

After 27 years on the job, Candy Crowley is finally calling it quits as an anchor at one of America’s most disgraced television networks. According to CNN president Jeff Zucker, “Candy has let us know that she has made the decision to move on, so she can embark on the next chapter of her already prolific career.” Tucker doesn’t specify where Candy is headed, but, judging by the way she exonerated Barack Obama from any coverup in the Benghazi terrorist attack during a presidential debate with Mitt Romney, among other things, we wouldn’t be surprised if Obama is rewarding her with a cabinet position. All kidding aside, The Wrap reports, “No word on who will replace Crowley as host of Sunday’s ‘State of the Union,’ airing at 9am ET. Top contenders would be CNN anchor Jake Tapper, who was brought over from ABC and is one of CNN’s top political anchors, former ‘State of the Union’ anchor John King, who now hosts ‘Inside Politics’ at 8:30am ET right before ‘SOTU,’ or someone under the radar.” Whoever it is, we’re sure they’ll be just as staunchly defensive about liberal values as their predecessor. More…

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