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Bale: You Know, Some People Might Call Moses a Terrorist

Dec. 9, 2014

Ridley Scott’s epic interpretation of the biblical story of Exodus hits theaters Dec. 12. Scott is agnostic, and this latest Hollywood retelling is unlikely to satisfy Christians. Rebecca Cusey writes that the movie “plays like an atheist manifesto. Moses, a modern skeptic in sheepherder’s clothes, squares off against God, portrayed as a petulant, vengeful, irrational child. The film at time takes the part of the Egyptians, blaming God for devastating plagues striking the populace as Moses takes God to task for His incomprehensible ways.” Sounds like a real box-office smash. But if that’s not enough, Christian Bale, who plays Moses in the film, opined, “If you’re not religious, you can look at it as one man’s freedom fighter is another man’s terrorist. … Moses was a far more human and fallible character than I had imagined before.” The biblical account – written by Moses, we might add – makes no effort to hide his many failings. He was indeed a human in need of a Savior himself. But the story isn’t his, it’s one of God’s justice, holiness, goodness and salvation. If Bale thinks Moses is just “one man’s terrorist,” he may still be stuck in the ninth plague – he’s in the dark. More…

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