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After Sexual Assault Story, UVA Cracks Down

Dec. 10, 2014

The president of the University of Virginia, Teresa Sullivan, announced programs to reform the campus after the misreported Rolling Stone article describing a rape on campus hit the newsstands. She disbanded the fraternities and sororities until Jan. 9 and told The Washington Post she plans to boost security, discourage alcohol abuse and target sexual assault on campus. At the beginning of next term, “ambassadors” will be deployed to provide a measure of security by walking students home, for example. She also created the “Ad Hoc Groups on University Climate and Culture” to study security and sexual assault. “This is a marathon and not a sprint. There are many things we want to examine.” Sullivan said, “In general, what we want is a culture of reporting. We want students to feel free to come forward.” With University of Virginia leading Playboy Magazine’s list of top party schools [not a link to Playboy], reforms are needed to change the whole party culture – not just the headline-grabbing problem of sexual assault. Hopefully, the college balance cracking down with treating students like adults, not like high schoolers that graduated into a wilder high school. More…

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