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The Rolling Stone Story Could Be a Fabrication

Dec. 11, 2014

The Washington Post did what Rolling Stone did not: It talked to the friends of Jackie, the woman whose story the pop culture magazine published alleging she was gang raped at a University of Virginia fraternity. The Post’s reporting is damning for Rolling Stone. Jackie’s friends say her story changed from when they first responded to their friend’s phone calls in 2012 to what eventually hit newsstands a few weeks ago. According to the Post, “The friends said they were never contacted or interviewed by the pop culture magazine’s reporters or editors.” Even leftist rag Salon’s feminist blog, XX factor, sides with the Post on this one, admitting that Rolling Stone’s story could very well be a fabrication, with Jackie making up swaths of her narrative – to the point of inventing a love interest. And then author Sabrina Rubin Erdely took UVA to task while not showing a hint of skepticism herself. Jackie might have been in a traumatic situation, but her story appears to be largely made up. And that will do more to hurt than help real victims of rape. More…

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