The Patriot Post® · Three Cuban Spies, Four Dead Americans

Barack Obama’s deal with Cuba may be worse than we thought. National Review’s Brendan Bordelon writes, “The three Cuban spies traded to the Castro regime in exchange for American contractor Alan Gross and a U.S. spy went far beyond the usual political or economic espionage carried out by foreign agents. In fact, the Communist agents were engaged in detailed reconnaissance against U.S. military bases in south Florida, and fed information to the Cuban government that resulted in the murder of four American citizens.” Of course, we know from experience that an incident involving Obama and four dead Americans is likely to be laughed off as a “phony scandal.” In the Cuba case, there is a legitimate argument to be made for changing policy toward the Caribbean nation, but Obama got virtually nothing in exchange for doing so while insulting the families of those dead Americans in the process. Just another day in the Oval Office.