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New Year Rings in Barrage of State Laws

Jan. 2, 2015

Can we have just one year where lawmakers make a New Year’s resolution to trim the pork spending and simplify the law books? The first day of 2015 saw many laws go into effect around the nation, from raising the minimum wage in seven states to banning photographs with big cats in New York. Among the more burdensome pieces of legislation, New York residents are now required to recycle old electronics, and students in Nevada can lose their driving licenses if they skip school one too many times. There are, however laws to ensure government doesn’t micromanage daily life. The Associated Press reports, “In Utah, cities and towns can no longer ban specific dog breeds within their limits. At least 10 cities now have restrictions that ban ownership of breeds such as pit bulls.” And a Pennsylvania law goes into effect Jan. 5 that gives gun owners and the NRA more leverage in challenging – and ultimately repealing – burdensome local ordinances that tread on the Second Amendment. While some laws continue to ensure Liberty and Rule of Law, most of the legislation only adds meddlesome red tape. More…

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