The Patriot Post® · Obama's New Year's Resolution: More Obama

Barack Obama sat down with NPR before leaving for Hawaii for his lavish taxpayer-funded holiday to let people know he plans on staying the (golf) course in his final two years in office. The big takeaway from the 40-minute Leftmedia lovefest: He has no intention of changing his game plan.

Obama insists the reason the Democrats were beaten so badly in November was because they didn’t run on his record. “I’m obviously frustrated with the results of the midterm election,” he told NPR. “I think we had a great record for members of Congress to run on.”

Perhaps the president was referring to ObamaCare, which has never achieved any level of respect or approval from the American people. Broken websites, hidden fees, millions kicked off their insurance and a steadily growing bureaucratic nightmare that would make any Beltway pencil-pusher proud – these are just some of the elements of the fiasco that has become Obama’s signature piece of legislation.

Or maybe Obama was referring to the rebounding economy, which is indeed improved but still features tens of millions who have been unemployed for so long that they aren’t even counted in the nation’s official unemployment figures. This, together with literally thousands of new and existing federal regulations stifling small business growth, has laid the groundwork for the weakest economic recovery in modern American history.

Whatever skewed view Obama has about the state of domestic affairs, he feels liberated to continue pushing his agenda, which was soundly rejected by voters in 2010 and 2014. It sends a shudder down the spine to hear the president speak of his liberation from ever having to face voters again. Indeed, since November he has unilaterally acted to grant amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants and lift the embargo against Cuba. He will have to defend these actions later this month when the Republican House and Senate come back to Washington, but he doesn’t seem the least bit bothered by that.

Obama’s ego, which is considerable, has been boosted as of late by a bump in poll numbers, no doubt fueled by supporters who are comfortable with his imperial presidency. That being the case, we can expect more executive actions and more attempts to bypass Congress and the Constitution to enact his agenda. “I’ve never been persuaded by this argument that if it weren’t for the executive actions they would have been more productive,” he told NPR. “There’s no evidence of that. So I intend to continue to do what I’ve been doing.”

Obama promises that he will use his veto power to protect ObamaCare and other actions that Democrats and federal officials created in the early years of his presidency. When asked about how he plans to work with Congress after several years of frosty relations, Obama said that he has no plans to change his course, but rather he hopes Republicans will change theirs. Clearly, we shouldn’t expect any major bipartisan agreements to come in the next two years.

Obama revealed that he is motivated more by cementing his own legacy for the history books than what is good for the country. His surprise lifting of the Cuba embargo, granted without any reciprocity from the Castro dictatorship, is a perfect example. While he says he has no plan to make the same overtures to Iran, Obama qualified his remarks with, “I never say never.” His meager attempts to squelch that country’s nuclear ambitions or its support of terrorism have given Iran the upper hand in any negotiation that may transpire in the next two years.

Republicans will have their hands full in dealing with the president. He has negated the concept of the lame-duck presidency not through political savvy but through imperial actions fueled by his narcissism.

Let’s review:

Obama’s administration is now defined by his litany of lies and legacy of scandals, most notably the failure of his so-called “economic recovery” plan; his unparalleled foreign policy malfeasance; his “Fast and Furious” gun-control play; his long list of ObamaCare lies leading to passage of his disastrous signature legislation, the so-called “Affordable Care Act”; his IRS enemies list; the dramatic resurgence of al-Qa'ida; the Benghazi security failure and subsequent cover-up to protect his 2012 re-election bid; his hollow “Red Line” threat to Syria; the “Russian Spring” in Crimea; the Middle East meltdown in Egypt, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Jordan and Gaza; the disintegration of Iraq; the rise of the Islamic State; the VA death panels cover-up; the immigration crisis on our southern border; the malfeasance and long-overdue resignation of Eric Holder, the most lawless attorney general in our nation’s history; and now, his downplaying of the Ebola threat, his utter unwillingness to address both Enterovirus D68, which is killing children nationwide, and the pandemic threat of jihadist Bio-Bombers.