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Wendy Davis Lied on Her Opinion of Open Carry

Jan. 2, 2015

In a post-shellacking interview, Wendy Davis, the Democrat who lost her bid to become governor of Texas, admitted she really never supported the right to openly carry a firearm. “There is one thing that I would do differently in that campaign, and it relates to the position that I took on open carry,” she told the Express News. “I made a quick decision on that with a very short conversation with my team and it wasn’t really in keeping with what I think is the correct position on that issue.” Gee, to be a fly on the wall when that conversation happened. Did the short conversation include some mention of poll numbers and how upholding the Second Amendment is necessary to win a state like Texas? Davis continued, “Though I certainly support people’s right to own and to bear arms in appropriate situations, I fear with open carry, having watched that issue unfold during the campaign, that it will be used to intimidate and cause fear.” More likely, Davis merely reverted back to her true leftist opinions after she lost by 20 points on Election Day. More…

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