The Patriot Post® · No Obama Visit to VA Hospital

On Thursday, Phoenix will enjoy the grand privilege of snarled traffic thanks to a visit from the imperial president. Barack Obama plans to offer a preview of his State of the Union Address at Central High School, but one place he will not visit is the local Veterans Affairs hospital. You know, the one where the whole wait-scandal first started, and the one that’s only one mile from Central High. Concerned Veterans for America issued a press release saying, “Since the wait list scandal broke at the Phoenix VA hospital and evolved into a national scandal that revealed the poor state of veterans healthcare in America, President Obama has not visited a single VA hospital to see firsthand how the VA is failing to serve our nation’s veterans. Worse, President Obama has not lived up to his campaign promises to fix the VA for our nation’s veterans; instead, problems at the VA have only gotten worse under his watch.” Unfortunately, that describes more than just the VA scandal.

Update: But his motorcade did do a drive-by.