The Patriot Post® · DOJ Pushing for Prosecution of David Petraeus

The decision to prosecute former CIA Director David Petraeus for allegedly leaking classified documents to his mistress and biographer Paula Broadwell rests in “the highest levels of the Justice Department,” according to outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder. If the former general is found guilty of actions contrary to his office (CIA Director leaking secrets? Really?) then he deserves the full brunt of justice. The New York Times reports, “But investigators concluded that, whether or not the disclosure harmed national security, it amounted to a significant security breach in the office of one of the nation’s most trusted intelligence leaders. They recommended that Mr. Petraeus face charges, saying lower-ranking officials had been prosecuted for far less.” But while justice must be played out, let’s not forget the accomplishments of the man, what he did for this country. Under his leadership, Al-Qaida in Iraq withered as Petraeus led the U.S. military. But as he moved on and Obama declared premature victory, the group roared back, rebranding as ISIL.

Update: In April of 2015, General Petraeus, former commanding general of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom who then served as Obama’s CIA director, was sentenced for security violations after admitting he inadvertently made classified material available to his biographer. Though that biographer, former Army Major Paula Broadwell, held security clearances and none of the classified material was made public, it was just the same a serious breach of security protocols. Petraeus resigned over the matter in 2012 and after entering a guilty plea was sentenced to two years on probation and required to pay a $100,000 fine.