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New DC Mayor: I Hate Guns

Jan. 13, 2015

Forget taxation without representation – for years, some residents of the District of Columbia have fought for the basic right to keep and bear arms. Former Mayor Vincent Gray long stonewalled against that basic right. Now, just as the courts have ordered the District to allow its citizens access to handguns, the new mayor has vowed to be as bad as or even worse than her predecessor. In her first week as mayor, Muriel Bower told a gathering at a District church, “You have a mayor who hates guns. If it was up to me, we wouldn’t have any handguns in the District of Columbia. I swear to protect the Constitution and what the courts say, but I will do it in the most restrictive way as possible.” According to The Washington Post, the mayor has bungled the city’s response to a snowstorm and went back on her word that DC would look to host the 2024 Olympics. The Second Amendment, however, is far more consequential. More…

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