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Cost of Government Regulations Predicted to Rise

Jan. 14, 2015

According to Wayne Crews of the Competitive Enterprise Institute, government regulation will cost Americans $1.882 trillion in 2015. Now that Obama has ushered in the era of the imperial presidency, much of this cost will be hidden in executive orders and rule-making. “Regulations plus interventions, bans, gov’t-steering-while-the-market-rows and the like may have impacts greater than government spending, but it is not monitored and disclosed like government spending, and accountability is abysmal,” writes Crews. “Unmeasured costs, and in particular, ‘regulatory dark matter,’ the ‘costs of benefits’ and citizens’ loss of liberty imply that if we’re missing regulation, we are missing the biggest part of government’s role in the economy, perhaps society itself.” At least we have low gas prices – until some lawmaker decides he or she thinks the American people can afford a higher gas tax. More…

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