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Feminist Play Not Feminist Enough for Mount Holyoke College

Jan. 17, 2015

The all-women’s college Mount Holyoke College will stop producing the 1996 play “The Vagina Monologues” because it’s too conservative. The Massachusetts college recently redefined their admission policies to allow for men who identify as women to attend the school and now the play, which tells the sexual history of several women, doesn’t include the experiences of men who feel like women, according to the college. In an email, the college explained, “At its core, the show offers an extremely narrow perspective on what it means to be a woman. … Gender is a wide and varied experience, one that cannot simply be reduced to biological or anatomical distinctions, and many of us who have participated in the show have grown increasingly uncomfortable presenting material that is inherently reductionist and exclusive.” According to the admission guidelines, the only group of people the college excludes is people who are “Biologically born male; identifies as man.” Seems like there is an opportunity for some man to apply to the college, say that he identifies as a woman and is attracted to fellow women. And how could the college stop him? They have lost their grounding. More…

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