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John and James Serenade Paris: 'You've Got A Friend'!

Jan. 17, 2015

This may seem like the lead story from America’s best known parody/satire publication, “The Onion,” but ironically, this actually happened in connection with France’s (now) best known parody/satire publication, “Charlie Hebdo.” As you recall, neither Secretary of State John Kerry nor any other senior U.S. representative showed up for the Paris confab of world leaders denouncing Islamic violence, after the murder of Charlie Hebdo’s staff. But Kerry did make a late appearance this week, with balladeer James Taylor, who, after a few words from Kerry at a press conference, serenaded Parisians with his four-decade old hit, “You’ve got a friend.” Not sure about that, but we are certain, “we’ve got an idiot.”

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