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Colorado Christian Says Cake Shop Discriminated Against Him

Jan. 23, 2015

Bill Jack walked into Azucar Bakery to make a point. Last year, the co-founder of Worldview Academy, a Christian organization that teaches students argumentative apologetics, talked to the owner of the Denver-based bakery about making a Bible-shaped cake. The owner, Marjorie Silvia, agreed. Then she claimed Jack pulled out a paper that had phrases about homosexuals written on it, and told the baker he wanted those phrases on cake, along with an image of two men holding hand with an “X” through the image. Silvia refused to decorate the cake that way, and offered to supply Jack with frosting so he could decorate the cake himself. With a baker refusing to make him a cake because she disagreed with the message, Jack filed a complaint with Colorado’s infamous Civil Rights Commission – the same commission that decided a Christian baker discriminated against two homosexuals when he declined to bake a cake for their wedding. “I believe I was discriminated against by the bakery based on my creed,” he said in a statement. It’s a clever way of turning the tables against the Left, which uses the courts to foist their agenda on the country, but it could go awry. The ACLU says this is a firm First Amendment case, and Silvia does not have express something she personally does not agree with. But a Colorado lawmaker says he introduced legislation that fixes the anti-discrimination law that did not provide exemptions for either free speech or religion. More…

Update - Wednesday, Jan. 28: Jack says he did not request “God hates gays” on the cake, as reported by mainstream media (and, unfortunately, in our own original account – since edited – above). World Magazine reports, “In an email to WORLD, he wrote that he requested two cakes in the shape of an open Bible. He asked that the first cake show on one page, ‘God hates sin—Psalm 45:7,’ and on the facing page, ‘Homosexuality is a detestable sin—Leviticus 18:22.’ He requested that the second cake have on one page, ‘God loves sinners,’ and on the facing page, ‘While we were yet sinners Christ died for us—Romans 5:8.’” He did not originally talk to the press for fear of being misrepresented, but that fear became reality in the face of his silence.

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