The Patriot Post® · Obama to India: We Need You to Fight Climate Change

Speaking in India, Barack Obama returned to one of his favorite themes: climate change. And he needs India’s help. “I know the argument made by some – that it’s unfair for countries like the United States to ask developing nations and emerging economies like India to reduce your dependence on the same fossil fuels that helped power our growth for more than a century,” Obama said. “But here’s the truth: Even if countries like the United States curb our emissions, if countries that are growing rapidly like India with soaring energy needs don’t also embrace cleaner fuels, then we don’t stand a chance against climate change.” He’s right in a sense. Obama can cripple the U.S. economy all he likes, but if India and China don’t go along with his scheme, it’s all for naught in terms of reducing global emissions. But why would they go along? They know their economies can’t afford the huge hit, and, thus, they’ve rejected the deal.