The Patriot Post® · Former Intel Chief: Obama Denies Existence of Enemy

The Obama administration speaks in muddled terms about Islamic militants – a term jihadists themselves use – and waffles on action. This will cost them in the fight against terrorism, says former Defense Intelligence Agency chief Michael Flynn. For example, John Kerry continues to rewrite the creeds to which radical Islamists profess. Kerry insists upon calling it “criminal anarchy, a nihilism.” General Flynn, on the other hand, is very clear in his assessment of our enemy: “You cannot defeat an enemy you do not admit exists. … There are many sincere people in our government who frankly are paralyzed by this complexity. … [They] accept a defensive posture, reasoning that passivity is less likely to provoke our enemies. … A strong defense is the best deterrent. … The dangers to the U.S. do not arise from the arrogance of American power, but from unpreparedness or an excessive unwillingness to fight when fighting is necessary. I think there is confusion about what it is that we are facing. It’s not just what has been defined as 40,000 fighters in the Islamic state in Iraq and Syria, it’s also a large [radicalized segment of Muslims] who or threatening our very way of life. … We really don’t have an effective strategy that is coherent, that actually addresses the wider problem. … I think what the American public is looking for is…moral and intellectual courage and clarity, and not a sense of passivity and confusion.”