The Patriot Post® · Democrats Taunt GOP Over Immigration Response

The Democrat minority in the Senate was just enough to stall a GOP bill undoing Barack Obama’s unconstitutional executive action on immigration. All 46 Democrats and two Republicans voted against the bill funding the Department of Homeland Security Tuesday. The last session of Congress passed a temporary measure to fund DHS until February, when the new, GOP-led Congress could confront Obama on his immigration actions. But now, the Democrats are reveling in the power they have to jam the legislative process. And Obama still continues to flaunt his executive actions. On Wednesday, he hosted six youths who are in this country due to his Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. A White House official told The Hill Obama did this to “reiterate that his executive actions are lawful.” Meanwhile, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid cackled, “We all know this is going to end with a bill funding Homeland Security that goes to the president. We’ll wind up passing a clean bill, so why do we wait? Why do we agonize?” The lines are drawn on the congressional floor. In the coming weeks, we’ll see if Republicans have the grit to fight a lawless executive branch.