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Jeb Bush Believes DREAMers Should Stay in U.S.

Feb. 5, 2015

If Jeb Bush wins the Republican presidential nomination, it will indicate a softening of the GOP approach to immigration. The progressive American Bridge, an opposition research firm that targets Republicans, released videos of Bush at a meeting of the Hispanic Leadership Network explaining his views on immigration. “I’ve never felt like the sins of the parents should be ascribed to the children, you know,” Bush said to an audience in 2013. “If your children always have to pay the price for adult’s decisions they make – how fair is that? For people who have no country to go back to – which are many of the DREAMers – it’s ridiculous to think that there shouldn’t be some accelerated path to citizenship.” While Allahpundit at Hot Air theorizes a fellow GOP contender of Bush’s leaked the tapes to the Left, American Bridge could have done the deed themselves. Meaning, progressives see Bush as the greatest threat to Hillary, and they want to neutralize him early in the GOP primaries. More…

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