Right Hooks

IRS Grows Because of ObamaCare

Feb. 5, 2015

The IRS doesn’t have the manpower to hunt down and fine the millions of people who don’t yet have health insurance, so, in Barack Obama’s proposed budget to Congress, his favorite Tea Party-targeting bureaucracy gets a budget increase of nearly $2 billion – for a grand total of $13.9 billion in the next fiscal year. “The billions of dollars will help the agency bolster its staff by adding more than 9,280 full-time employees,” The Daily Signal reports. “The proposed jump in employment at the IRS is an 11 percent increase from 2015. To enforce the 46 new tax provisions of the Affordable Care Act specifically, the IRS asked for $67 million. That will cover 483 new employees related to Obamacare’s implementation.” IRS Tax Commissioner John Koskinen warned that the agency would be inundated with processing returns this year, and “customers” may not be happy. We’re sure the glut of money will fix all that. Next tax season, expect an even bigger, meaner and more invasive IRS – unless our new Republican majorities can somehow summon the Audacity of Nope. More…

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