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2015 National Security Blueprint Gives America the Blues

Feb. 6, 2015

Recent terrorist attacks serve as a gruesome reminder that Jihadistan remains a critical threat. In fact, at no other time in history have jihadis controlled such vast swaths of land and boasted such a powerful upper hand. Sadly, rising turmoil has done nothing to sway Barack Obama, who only reaffirmed he’s content to keep the issue on the back burner. His latest national security blueprint contains phony diversions like global warming and homosexual rights, while underestimating the world’s greatest enemy. According to the Associated Press, “Obama says the United States must resist the urge to ‘overreach’ abroad, as he outlined a new national security strategy Friday that is meant to serve as a blueprint for his final two years in office. The 29-page document hews closely to Obama’s long-held views of America’s role in the world and forecasts no major shifts in the military campaign against Islamic State militants or in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.” That’s rich, coming from a man who oversteps his constitutional authority every opportunity he can get. These “national security” protocols literally aren’t worth the paper they’re written on. More…

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