The Patriot Post® · Already, Netanyahu Speech a Victory for GOP

The GOP earned a symbolic victory, inviting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to speak. While the White House was yammering about the invite, only three congressional Democrats have so far decided to skip the speech. Hot Air’s Noah Rothman opines this is because the trio wants to please Barack Obama. Nancy Pelosi says she’ll meander down to hear what Netanyahu will say – even if she doesn’t agree with it. Not only did Republicans neutralize a Democrat opposition, they embarrassed Obama by disclosing they invited Pope Francis to speak to Congress – without the White House’s blessing. Rothman writes, “In marked contrast from Netanyahu’s visit to Congress, the news that the Pope would address a joint session of the federal legislature for the first time in history was met with bipartisan acclaim.” Furthermore, Pelosi warns Netanyahu’s visit may hurt the talks between Secretary of State John Kerry and Iran. However, the worst affront to Obama is to embarrass him. Watch for the Chicago politician pulling some shenanigans when Netanyahu’s in town.