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HHS Says Taxpayers Absorbing 72% of Premium Costs

Feb. 10, 2015

Even though the Supreme Court is preparing to hand down a contentious ruling in King v. Burwell, a decision that could prohibit millions of ObamaCare enrollees from receiving monetary assistance and ultimately derail Barack Obama’s signature achievement, the Department of Health and Human Services is encouraging the uninsured to take advantage of subsidized health plans. According to HHS, taxpayers will foot a median 72% of premiums purchased through Healthcare.gov. “Overall, 87 percent of federal exchange enrollees get subsidies, and some states are even higher,” The Washington Times reported, meaning more than five and a half million current enrollees are at risk of losing subsidies. Still, that doesn’t seem to be worrying Health Secretary Sylvia Burwell, who said Monday, “With just six days left before the Feb. 15 deadline and the end of this year’s open enrollment, millions of Americans already are counting on the financial assistance the Affordable Care Act provides to put quality, affordable health insurance coverage within reach.” Her promotional sounds more like a plea to the Supreme Court. Conservatives rightly wonder, Why am I paying for someone else’s insurance policy? while Democrats argue, Look at what Republicans are trying to take away! What leftists miss is that it was never their money to give. More…

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