The Patriot Post® · Marines Disarmed Before Leaving Yemen

As the U.S. abandons Yemen to Iranian-backed Houthi rebels in the latest Barack Obama “success” story, there is disturbing news. reports, “U.S. Embassy Marines in Yemen handed over their M-9 pistols and M-4 carbines before evacuating the chaotic country with diplomatic personnel, the Pentagon said Wednesday. The Marines also left behind several vehicles at the airport in the capital city of Sanaa before departing on a civilian flight, said Army Col. Steve Warren, a Pentagon spokesman.” Warren says the weapons were disabled before they were turned over and Marines boarded commercial flights, but there are serious questions about the way Obama chose to handle this evacuation. In fact, Fox News’ Megyn Kelly says the Marines were ordered to disarm by the Obama State Department. It’s clear Obama wants nothing more than to tie the hands of our military personnel. No wonder we doubt his resolve to fight ISIL.