The Patriot Post® · 'ISIL Is Akin to Nazism'

Fox News analyst Charles Krauthammer made an apt comparison when discussing ISIL Monday evening: “[ISIS] is not just Islamic radicalism anymore, or Islamic terrorism, which is only a tactic. This is really Islamist supremacy. And in that sense, it is akin to Nazism. That was racial supremacy; here it’s Islamist.” He continued, “The ideology of ISIS is clearly supremacist in the sense that anybody who is not Islamic in their understanding is to be either enslaved or eradicated. This is a genocidal movement. You kill Christians, you kill Jews, you kill Yazidis (but you may in certain circumstances enslave them). That’s what we’re up against, and we have an administration that will not even admit that there’s a religious basis underlying what’s going on.” Barack Obama’s refusal to speak the truth is hindering the fight against this cancer.