The Patriot Post® · Obama Administration Fights Judge's Immigration Injunction

The Obama administration does not recognize the lawful check on its power brought about by a Republican Congress, a federal judge in Texas and 26 states. Last week, Barack Obama’s November executive amnesty was blocked with an injunction, but the administration responded by undermining the judge’s order. On Friday, Obama’s spokesman Josh Earnest announced the Justice Department would file for a stay. Meanwhile, the commissioner for Customs and Border Protection, Gil Kerlikowske, emailed agents, telling them to ignore the judge’s order because the court “did not enjoin the Secretary’s overall prioritization of DHS enforcement resources or the existing 2012 DACA policy.” Meanwhile, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson insisted congressional Democrats are not blocking debate on a bill that would fund DHS, sans funds for Obama’s immigration actions. “We should have the debate about immigration reform,” Johnson said. “But you should not tie that to the funding for the third largest department of our government, 240,000 people.” In other words, Democrats are open to debate, once Obama’s orders are the de facto law of the land.