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Barbara Boxer: Republicans Would Have Deported My Mother

Feb. 26, 2015

Senator Barbara Boxer, when arguing against Republican efforts to check the unconstitutional immigration actions of the president, said that if conservatives got their way, her own mother would have been deported because, according to Boxer, her mother could have fit the definition of a DREAMer. “They are young people who were brought here when they were children,” she said. “They know no other home. All they want to do is stay here and give back to America. Republicans want to deport them and their parents. They want to deport the parents of American citizens. I thank God these people were not in charge of Congress when I was growing up or else they might have deported my mother. It took her awhile to get through her naturalization. What if they passed something such as what the Republicans are proposing?” Well, no Senator Boxer, for one. If her mother was afoul of the law, then yes, she should have been deported. That’s what the law is for. More…

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