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Treasury Won't Answer Rep. Ryan's $3B ObamaCare Question

Feb. 27, 2015

The Treasury Department is not giving a straight answer to Rep. Paul Ryan when he asked how the department distributed $3 billion through the Department of Health and Human Services to pay health insurers. In the past, the Obama administration asked Congress’ approval before distributing the cost-sharing subsidies, but recently, the administration subverted Congress, approved and moved the funds all on its own. The Washington Examiner reports, “In response, on Wednesday, the Treasury Department sent a letter to Ryan largely describing the program, without offering a detailed explanation of the decision to make the payments. The letter revealed that $2.997 billion in such payments had been made in 2014, but didn’t elaborate on where the money came from. Over the next decade, cost-sharing payments to insurers are projected by the Congressional Budget Office to cost taxpayers nearly $150 billion.” Congress had this fight in the ‘70s, when Richard Nixon impounded funds Congress appropriated. The courts ruled then that yes, Congress possesses the power of the purse. Now, the Obama administration is simply ignoring Congress as the governing body tries to track how the money it appropriated is spent. More…

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