The Patriot Post® · Avoiding the Clinton Email Scandal Will Lead to Buyer's Remorse

Despite vigorous scoldings from prominent newspapers like The New York Times, Washington Post and Wall Street Journal, most Democrats just aren’t that into the Hillary Clinton email scandal. A new Pew Research Center poll found that “34% of Republicans followed reports about Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email address as secretary of state very closely, compared with just 16% of Democrats.” Typical party bias aside, this fits perfectly with Clinton’s history of circumventing a myriad of scandals. “The press is painting all this as a story about how Mrs. Clinton, in her love for secrecy and control, has given ammunition to her enemies,” writes Peggy Noonan. “But that’s not the story. The story is that this is what she does, and always has. The rules apply to others, not her. … Why doesn’t the legacy press swarm her on this? Because she is political royalty. They are used to seeing her as a regal, queenly figure. They’ve been habituated to understand that Mrs. Clinton is not to be harried, not to be subjected to gotcha questions or impertinent grilling. She is a Democrat, a star, not some grubby Republican governor from nowhere.” Can Clinton survive this? Sure she can. But, as Jonah Goldberg observed, “At some point down the tracks, when yet another fetid cloud of Clintonism erupts into plain view, many smart liberals will look back at this moment as the time when they should have pulled the emergency brake and gotten off the Hillary train. The unease they feel now will be nothing compared to the buyer’s remorse to come.”