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Anonymous Diners Pay for WWII Vet's Meal

Mar. 11, 2015

Instead of simply thanking him for his service, a couple in an Outback Steak House anonymously paid for a WWII vet’s birthday meal. Robert Nieman, who turned 92, sat down to dinner at the Florida restaurant wearing a hat commemorating his service on the USS Lexington when the couple quietly paid the $58.59 tab. In the receipt that came back to the vet’s table, someone had written, “Thank you For your Service!!” and was signed by Very Grateful Americans. In a message to Opposing Views, the veteran’s son, Bob Nieman wrote about his father, “He is one of the last remaining plank owners (first crew of the ship) of the USS Lexington CV 16. He served there most of WWII and was taken off by a medical ship in 1944 when he was the only surviving member of his gun crew that was not killed by a Kamikaze that hit his gun turret.” That’s how to show appreciation for an honored member of the Greatest Generation. More…

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