The Patriot Post® · Carville: Hillary Just Didn't Want Congressional Oversight

Clintonista James Carville is one of the few rushing to defend Hillary Clinton over her secret email servers. But after his most recent comments she may not want his “help” any more. “At the end of the day,” Carville said, “the Republicans can’t pass a budget, alright, [so] we got another investigation, just like we had the Whitewater, just like you go through the file-gate, you go through travel-gate, you go through seven or eight different congressional committees. And you wonder why the public is not following this? Because they know what it is.” In other words, Carville says it’s a political distraction contrived by Republicans – a standard talking point. But he wasn’t finished, adding, “I suspect she didn’t want Louie Gohmert rifling through her emails, which seems to me to be a kind of reasonable position for someone to take. It amounts to … nothing but a bunch of people flapping their jaws about nothing.” Oops. Hillary Clinton just wanted to avoid congressional oversight. How inconvenient to have Congress “rifling through her emails.” Who’d want that? Of course, that oversight is precisely the point, but the Clintons have always played by their own rules.