The Patriot Post® · Ferguson Man Busted for Shooting Two Cops

When he was arrested Saturday and charged with one count of discharging a weapon inside a vehicle, two counts of first degree assault and three counts of armed criminal action, Jeffrey Williams admitted to shooting two police officers outside the Ferguson Police Department headquarters March 12. But his story doesn’t add up. Williams said he had a dispute with someone and the cops were collateral damage; he never meant to shoot officers. But the physical evidence suggests something else. Williams fired his .40-caliber handgun about 120 yards away from inside a vehicle and managed to hit two police officers standing next to each other. Aim small, miss small. Furthermore, there’s disagreement as to who Williams is in the drama unfolding in Ferguson. On Sunday, Ferguson police said they saw Williams amid the protesters. But protesters deny Williams’ participation in their movement. Of course they’d deny him; he’s messing up the Left’s narrative.