The Patriot Post® · Deja Vu: Blame Bush

Who is responsible for the rise of the Islamic State in Iraq? According to Barack Obama, “ISIL is a direct outgrowth of al-Qaida in Iraq that grew out of our invasion which is an example of unintended consequences – which is why we should generally aim before we shoot.” That’s right, it’s George Bush’s fault – again. However, the inconvenient truth is that in 2011, in what now has proven to be another tragic example of abject foreign policy malfeasance, Obama abandoned our long-term strategic basing objectives in Iraq, so that he could claim in his 2012 re-election bid, “Four years ago, I promised to end the war in Iraq. We did.” Obama turned his back on 4485 U.S. military personnel who died to secure stability in Iraq, and thousands more suffered debilitating injuries, in order to fulfill a campaign promise. And ISIL quickly moved in to fill the power vacuum Obama left behind. As for “aiming before shooting,” that would have been a good idea in Syria and Libya! Ever since the rise of what Obama called the “JV team,” he’s been trying to rewrite history in his favor. But, the reality is, nature abhors a vacuum; so do radical Islamists.