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Islamic State Hits Tunisia

Mar. 19, 2015

The Islamic State claimed credit Thursday for an attack on a Tunisian museum leaving 23 dead. The Associated Press reports, “Tunisian security forces … arrested nine people, the president’s office said, adding that five of them were directly connected to Wednesday’s attack on the Bardo by two gunmen who were later slain by police. The other four suspects who were arrested in central Tunisia were part of a cell supporting those involved in the attack, the statement said.” A significant number of Tunisians have joined ISIL, and Tunisian president Beji Caid Essebsi promised a “merciless war on terrorism,” as well as that they would fight “savage minorities … to our last breath.” The North African nation has already been dealing with radical Islamists for some time, rejecting an Islamist government that arose early in the so-called “Arab Spring.” To make matters worse, it is bordered to the east and south by Libya, which descended into chaos following Barack Obama’s “leading from behind” strategy to oust Moammar Gadhafi. Tunisian officials say the attacking jihadis trained in Libya. It won’t be easy for Tunisia to resist the growing unrest in the region.

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