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U.S. Negotiations Give Iran Just Enough to Make the Bomb

Mar. 20, 2015

Because of U.S. negotiations, Iran will reduce the number of its centrifuges whirling up useable radioactive material to 6,000 machines, according to the Associated Press. In turn, the U.S. would agree to ease sanctions. This is a bum deal for Secretary of State John Kerry if he wants to prevent Iran from getting the bomb. In February, former CIA Deputy Director Mike Morell said a safer negotiation route would have been to not focus on the number of centrifuges Iran possesses. “If you are going to have a nuclear weapons program, 5,000 is pretty much the number you need,” Morell said. “If you have a power program, you need a lot more. By limiting them to a small number of centrifuges, we are limiting them to the number you need for a weapon.” In other words, Kerry and Co. just stymied the ability for Iran to fuel its nuclear energy program, but left it just enough hardware to mix up a nuclear bomb. Let’s hope all the details of this deal are not yet disclosed. Did Iran open itself up to monitoring and scrutiny? Or are they given a bunch of tools for nuclear enrichment and some space? The Associated Press continued, reporting that the vast majority of lawmakers in the House sent a letter to Barack Obama saying they will decide if the U.S. will ease sanctions against Iran. It’s a good check on Obama’s power. More…

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