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That Time a New York 'Gun Store' Shamed Its Customers

Mar. 20, 2015
Displaying the Sandy Hook gun

Some anti-gun zealots will go to great lengths to stop law-abiding citizens from buying firearms, including opening a fake gun store in New York City only to shame potential customers with the history behind the guns it stocked. “Collectors love this one,” the bearded attendant tells one customer as he displays an AR-15. “Adam Lanza’s mom had this in her collection too. Until he took this and several other guns and killed her, then went down to Sandy Hook and killed six teachers and 20 innocent children.” New Yorkers Against Gun Violence set up the storefront for just two days while States United to Prevent Gun Violence produced the video of the customers and their follow-up reactions to learning the horrific and tragic history of each gun in the store.

But it was all for show. According to Guns.com, “The firearms, like the store itself, were all fake and a New York Police Department official was on site to monitor operations.” That’s little comfort because many of the guns on display don’t comport with New York’s misnamed “SAFE Act” – even if they were only props. In fact, the New York State Rifle and Pistol Association wants an investigation for violations of the law, which would certainly be ironic for these gun grabbers. Regardless, why was the NYPD participating in this kind of political shenanigan? To add to the hypocrisy, Guns.com says the guy behind the counter is “Ned Luke, known for his depiction of a hyper violent criminal in the [Grand Theft Auto video game] series.”

The people responsible for this mockery of the Second Amendment clearly have no shame. It’s proof that the gun control industry cannot advance its objectives without resorting to deceit and psychological manipulation.

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