The Patriot Post® · Memo to GOP: Voters Are Looking for Clarity

Star Parker: “Freedom House, which publishes an annual report measuring freedom around the world, rating nations based on political rights and civil liberties, has recently issued its 2015 report. … Freedom House rates on a scale of 1-7, ‘1’ being the most free and ‘7’ the least. Israel is rated 1.5, receiving a grade of 1 on political rights and 2 on civil liberties. The Israeli democracy just held free elections and gave a sound victory to current Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. … When Netanyahu became clear he would not cave to pressure from Washington to support a Palestinian state, Israelis said ‘thank you’ and swept him back to power. President Obama hesitated congratulating Prime Minister Netanyahu on his victory. Yet, in January, President Obama cut short a trip to India so that he could go to Saudi Arabia and pay respects to their newly installed King Salman. On Freedom House’s 1-7 rating, Saudi Arabia is rated 7 – as ‘Unfree’ as it gets. … Republican leaders should take a close look at what just happened in Israel. Voters are looking for clarity today and they are looking for leadership. Leadership that is willing to take a clear and bold stand for freedom and American values. America needs these kinds of leaders, as does the world.”