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The Consequences of JV Foreign Policy

Countering Obama's fantasy narrative with a dose of reality.

Robin Smith · Mar. 23, 2015

There are two completely different narratives about America’s international relations and foreign policy in the Middle East. One is true, and the other is fantasy.

The narrative told by the narcissist in chief and his leftist legions is that the Middle East is in turmoil because Israel refuses to cede land to a mortal enemy and because the unemployment rate is too high among jihadists.

On the other hand is the truth: Obama’s foreign policy malfeasance has exacerbated the turmoil, undermined stability at every turn and endangered U.S. national security.

Obama’s first act of “leading from behind” was removing Moammar Gadhafi from leadership in Libya in 2011, which triggered a cascade of instability and anarchy and created an opening for ISIL in North Africa. The residue of his failure continues even as ISIL went to work just last week in Tunisia, murdering 23.

America’s “leader” was re-elected in 2012 while proclaiming al-Qaida was “on the run,” including declaring victory in Yemen, home to al-Qaida of the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP). Yemen is now in utter chaos.

In 2013, Obama drew a red line in Syria regarding chemical weapons. Dictator Bashar al-Assad not only crossed it repeatedly but stomped on it with disdain.

In 2014, Obama belittled the Islamic State as the “JV team,” but ISIL now controls vast swaths of land and is wreaking havoc from Iraq to Nigeria.

Obama’s campaign to improve America’s standing in the world – in contrast to the “cowboy” actions of his favorite demon, George W. Bush – is an utter failure. The community organizer in the Oval Office has been extremely consistent in his antipathy toward Israel and in his clear determination to negotiate with enemies of the United States.

As early as March 2009, Obama saluted “the people and leaders of the Islamic Republic of Iran” in a video message that was a complete reversal of the “axis of evil” doctrine placing rogue, terrorist-supporting nations such as Iran and North Korea in a league of their own. And just this past week, Obama sent a video message to the Iranian people again, declaring, “Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Khamenei, has issued a fatwa against the development of nuclear weapons.” Well, Khamenei also renewed the “death to America” chant, too. Obama neglected to mention that.

While Obama is coddling enemies, he’s berating our ally Israel, slamming Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at every opportunity – even when he’s supposedly “congratulating” him on an election win. Sen. John McCain rightly referred to this outrageous display from the man-child president as a “temper tantrum.”

In short, Obama’s political failures in the Middle East are of legendary proportion. U.S. foreign policy has never been perfect, but that’s what happens when you blame America first. Looking ahead to 2016, let’s not screw up again by rewarding Hillary Clinton with her own opportunity to implement “smart power.”

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