The Patriot Post® · Iraqi Christians Suffer After Obama's Withdrawal

CBS reported on the plight of Assyrian Christians during Sunday night’s “60 Minutes.” Correspondent Lara Logan interviewed Archbishop Bashar Warda, who said Christians in Iraq were safer under Saddam Hussein than they are under either the current Iraqi government or, obviously, the Islamic State. “I think American support was needed – needed forcefully” to maintain stability, Warda said. “You cannot leave the country like this and tell them, ‘Well, we’ve liberated you. We cannot do the job for you and we are walking away. This is your country, rule it.’” Furthermore, he added as if speaking directly to Americans, “This is not what you came for in 2003. The 4,000 sacrifices of the American soldiers was not meant to come to this day.” No, indeed, we didn’t spend enormous blood and treasure just for Barack Obama to throw up his hands and walk away to prove a political point. But that’s exactly what he did, and more than just U.S. national security suffered – real people with Christian roots that go back to the time of the apostles are threatened with extinction.