The Patriot Post® · Iran Nuke Deal Harder and Harder for Josh Earnest to Justify

Josh Earnest ran damage control after Iran’s Ayatollah Ali Khomeini responded to hecklers by saying, “Of course, death to America,” during a public speech over the weekend. This prompted the Leftmedia to start asking hard questions about Barack Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran. CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta asked Obama’s spokesman, “Do those comments give this White House any pause about moving forward with a nuclear deal with that country?” Earnest replied, “Those kinds of comments only underscore why it is so critically important that the United States and the international community succeed in preventing Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon.” He continued, saying the only way to prevent an Iranian bomb is through negotiation. But Earnest fumbled when he said the Ayatollah’s comment was only “intended for a domestic political audience.” (What are some things Obama said only for the ears of people back home?) While the Obama administration flirts with a U.S. enemy, Israel’s intelligence has been spying on the proceedings and leaking information to Congress. It’s an act of self-preservation, which also gives to Congress information that Obama should have been providing all along.

Update: He might be playing coy, but House Speaker John Boehner said Tuesday, “I’m shocked by the fact that there were reports … that information was being passed on by the Israelis to members of Congress. I’m not aware of that at all. I’m baffled by it.”