The Patriot Post® · Former Israeli Ambassadors Slam Obama

It’s become painfully evident in recent weeks that Barack Obama loathes Benjamin Netanyahu and Israel in general. This is causing problems for both nations, as confirmed by two former Israeli ambassadors to the U.S., Michael Oren and Danny Ayalon. Oren said, “The shared democratic values between [Israel] and the United States are the pillars of the relationship between our countries, and because of that, Obama’s words cause significant strategic harm.” And Ayalon alleges that Obama is “looking to dramatically deepen the rift with Israel.” In fact, he added, “Instead of acting in a measured way and understanding that at stake is a mutual interest in maintaining good relations, he slapped Netanyahu in the face.” During his “congratulatory” phone call after Netanyahu’s election win, Obama lectured the Israeli prime minister on acceptable campaign rhetoric all while looking the other way when Iran’s supreme leader chants “death to America.” His priorities are way out of whack.