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VA Director Gets Over Quarter-Million Dollars to 'Relocate'

Jordan Candler · Mar. 26, 2015

The Department of Veterans Affairs sure is hard pressed to treat our veterans with dignity, but it sure goes the extra mile to help out its leadership – like doling out a quarter of a million dollars for relocation expenses. For a move that’s not even 150 miles away. The Daily Caller explains, “The director of the Philadelphia regional VA hospital was paid $288,000 in ‘relocation payments’ to move the 140 miles from Washington, D.C. to her new home last year. Diana Rubens was tapped last June to take over the Philadelphia hospital, which is one of many currently being investigated over claims that it placed veterans on unauthorized wait-lists.” What did she relocate, a palace? Bringing our veterans to good health apparently can wait, but footing Rubens’ extraneous bills can’t. You’ll not be surprised to hear this isn’t her first mingle with controversy. “According to the Center for Investigative Reporting,” the Caller adds, “in 2011, she received a bonus of more than $23,000 even though patient backlogs – one area Rubens was in charge of managing – increased by 300,000.” Here’s an idea: How ‘bout we stop paying VA workers who aren’t doing their jobs and give it directly to the veterans instead – like the $288K that could have funded desperately needed treatment. At least that way the money’s going to good use. More…

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