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No Murder Charge for Woman Who Cut Baby From Womb

Mar. 30, 2015

A Colorado woman posted on Craigslist that she was selling baby clothes and then cut the baby out of a seven-month pregnant mother who came to see her wares. However, she will not face a murder charge because the state of Colorado does not recognize that killing an unborn baby is a form of homicide. “Now, I understand that many in the community – and heaven knows I’ve heard from a lot of them – would like me to file homicide charges,” Boulder County District Attorney Stanley Garnett said, “However, that is not possible under Colorado law without proof of live birth. A prosecutor cannot file murder charges when a baby who is killed has not lived outside the body of the mother. For similar reasons, I cannot bring charges of child abuse resulting in death.” Colorado once considered a personhood amendment, but, as The Daily Signal reports, it was defeated by Planned Parenthood last year. Now, the toughest thing the Colorado’s justice system can throw at the alleged murderer is first-degree attempted murder of the woman and first-degree termination of a pregnancy. This is the tragic product of the culture of death. More…

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