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Krauthammer: 'One Cave After Another'

Mar. 31, 2015

The Iran deal is really terrible, says political analyst Charles Krauthammer. We already knew that, but here’s Krauthammer’s specific assessment: “The bait and switch in which we’ve been assured that Iran would have to get rid of, export, send to another country, it’s highly enriched uranium. Now we are hearing — that’s the bombshell that we saw in the Times yesterday — that, well, we’re looking at other ways it could stay inside of Iran, but we’ll change it, it will be diluted. Well, that means making it into an oxide. Yes, you make it into an oxide, you can’t use it in a bomb. But you can reverse the process in two weeks. This is part of the farcical excuses that a desperate administration is making in order to explain one cave after another.” Furthermore, Krauthammer continued, “Another cave was the requirement that the IAEA [International Atomic Energy Agency], the inspectors, the international inspectors, have to be told what Iran had worked on in the past, because unless you know what it did in the past, what might be hidden, what facilities exist, what material is produced, you have no way of having a regime where you’re going to know what they’re hiding in the future. And what we’re hearing now is we have now agreed to put it off until after sanctions are lifted.” It’s all so bad, he concluded, “If the Iranians aren’t going to disclose the past activities under huge sanctions, they are certainly not going to do it when sanctions are lifted. It is one red line after another, abandoned. And that’s why the Gulf Arabs are scared to death about what the consequences of this agreement are going to be.”

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