The Patriot Post® · MSNBC's Schultz Silences Religious Liberty Debate

MSNBC’s Ed Schultz invited Heritage Foundation Fellow Ryan Anderson on his show to (ahem) discuss Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA). As usual with leftists, however, the debate can only be one-sided. “This law doesn’t open the door for discrimination,” Anderson asserted. “This is the law that’s been on the federal books, governing federal courts for 20 years–” Schultz interjected, “That’s not true,” and proceeded to argue over the difference between a person and a corporation. Anderson rightly noted Supreme Court precedent in the 2014 Hobby Lobby decision, applying the federal RFRA to corporations as well as people. But never mind the facts; Schultz wanted to demonize “bigots” on the Right. “If a gay couple walks into a restaurant and I own it, you’re telling me in Indiana if I own that restaurant, I can tell them to get out of here and you don’t think that’s discrimination?” Schultz yelled. “That’s not the position of the right wing?” Anderson wouldn’t take it, replying, “Please point to names who are saying restaurant owners should be kicking gay and lesbian people out of restaurants. You’re demagoguing!” Anderson also noted, “You just slandered the governor [Mike Pence]. You called him a homophobe!” That was too much for Schultz, who instructed his producers, “Cut his mic.” Leftists want to tell a BIG Lie, and rather than debate in good faith they’ll just cut your mic.