The Patriot Post® · Indiana Pizzeria Closes After Hateful Threats

How bad is the backlash against Indiana’s religious liberty law? Anyone supporting it is going to suffer, and if that means a family-owned pizzeria shutters, well, they had it coming. The Hill reports, “Memories Pizza is suspending its business operations amid uproar over the state’s new Religious Freedom Restoration Act. Owner Kevin O'Connor said vitriol toward his restaurant was so intense it was closed until further notice. The eatery began receiving threatening phone calls and social media postings after revealing its support for the law earlier this week.” Part of the reason for the hatefest response was that Leftmedia outlets flat out lied about the owner’s stance. Headlines blared that he would “deny service to LGBT people” and had instituted a “no gays” policy. In reality, all O'Connor had said was that he would not cater same-sex weddings. But rather than live and let live, or simply take their business elsewhere, fascists threatened the owner, and by extension, his employees and family. Another victory for tolerance.