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Short of Goal, ObamaCare Enrollment Slows

Apr. 7, 2015

This may prove embarrassing for the Left. After years of expending political muscle defending the “Affordable” Care Act, of bending laws and statistics, it appears the number of people signing up for ObamaCare is beginning to taper off. Even after the IRS started to enforce the health care penalty and the government extended the deadline for buying insurance on its exchange, only 36,000 did so by March, according to Investor’s Business Daily. And The New York Times reports, “‘I think the concern about running out of momentum is legitimate,’ said Jon Kingsdale, the former executive director of the health exchange in Massachusetts, before the Affordable Care Act, and now a director at the Wakely Consulting Group. Mr. Kingsdale said that states should be aiming to sign up 65 to 75 percent of eligible residents. ‘If we end up running out of gas before 50 percent, that’s very disappointing.’” More extensions, more promises of future glory: Does someone care to crunch the numbers on the government’s return? After dumping an obscene amount of money into a glitchy website, how much did it spend per enrollee? Too much. More…

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