The Patriot Post® · Walker on Immigration: Protect American Wages

Wisconsin Governor and likely presidential candidate Scott Walker has struggled to stake out a position on immigration. But he offered some clear thoughts this week: “[W]e need to step up and be aggressive,” he said. “That means securing the border with infrastructure, with technology, with personnel, and the federal government’s got to lead the way. We can’t expect the border states to do this alone. The federal government needs to step up and act. And you can’t be talking about anything else until you do that. Once you do that, then we can talk about enforcing the laws by using an effective e-verify system for all employers, one that works for small businesses, farmers and ranchers, and making sure that any legal immigration — no amnesty — any legal immigration system we go forward with is one that ultimately has to protect American workers and make sure American wages are going up. That’s the way we prosper for every hardworking American in this country.” He’s right that an uncontrolled surge in cheap labor drives wages down, and he clearly hopes to frame the issue in a way that speaks to the concerns of most Americans.