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Ease With Marxism Behind Diplomatic Thaw With Cuba

Apr. 13, 2015

On one hand, Barack Obama’s face-to-face meeting with Cuban leader Raul Castro, which culminated in a handshake, was a failure. Before the meeting, Obama didn’t re-establish a U.S. embassy in Cuba, nor did he scrub the Pearl of the Antilles from the list of state sponsors of terrorism. But in his handshake with Castro, Obama extended goodwill towards Marxism. Furthermore, the two talked by phone ahead of their meeting and the State Department officially released its recommendation to no longer recognize Cuba as a sponsor of terrorism. Cuba was the only country on the short list that supported Marxist terror groups (the rest were countries like Iran that feed Islamic terrorism), which shows that some regard Marxism as no longer a threat. As we wrote back in December when the Obama administration first announced these deals with Cuba, “[T]he U.S. was in prime position to negotiate for human rights improvements in Cuba. Instead, Obama just offered Cuba a huge influx of dollars for nothing in return.” More…

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